Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fun Little Bench Makeover

It's been too long, my friends!  This little angel has stolen my heart and all my free time over the last 17 months....

She's cute alright, but if anyone has a toddler, you know that trying to get anything (art) done is like trying to organize papers in a tornado!  
So, as I move forward, I'm trying hard to create some more "me" time and get in the studio to accomplish the LONG list of projects I've got lined up. 
This first project is something I had waiting in the garage for me for quite some time.  I picked up this rather ugly little bench seat at a thrift store a while back for a whopping $3.00  I saw the potential and I jumped at this little piece.  Then, a few weeks ago, Ace Hardware was giving away free quarts of paint in any color to the first 200 people or so that showed up... I'm all about freebies, so I was there bright and early and picked out a fabulous shade of aqua for my little girl's room.  I also had been given a ton of fabulous scrap pieces of fabric left from the custom quilt I had made for my daughter's room, and it was a perfect fit for the top of this bench...  Fast forward 30 minutes...  I have this gorgeous little bench seat for her room... coming in at a grand total of $3.00 for the entire project!
Love that!


  1. I think you did a fabulous job! Love the pic of your beautiful toddler too!

  2. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous - and the bench looks great too!