Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting back in the Swing of Things

I have SO much going on lately!  It's great, but I've been again completely ignoring my blog and my artwork and all things creative.  I'm definitely feeling the urge to get back in my studio and create!  I have so many ideas and so little time - Isn't that how it always is? 

Anyways, I picked up these little dice recently, and I just love them.  They have so many uses in your mixed media and altered art projects!  I even decided to share and offer some of them in my shop!


  1. Cute letters! And cute etsy shop! I love all those vintage-y goodies. :)

  2. Hi Katie! oh I love these!! I may have to get some soon! Thanks for sharing. How are you? haven't been in touch lately, I'm sorry...I do miss ya! Hope all is well sweetie! Projects are always a joy to view, thanks for sharing!! xoxo Jules