Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Antique Paris Maps for the Digital World

Just thought I'd share one of my most favorite items in my shop.  Old maps are one of my most favorite things, I collect old maps from all over the world.  Whenever I go somewhere new, I hunt around until I find an old map as a perfect souvenir.
Sometimes these get buried in my listings, and then I sell one, and I remember all over again just how much I love them!  I rescued these maps from a wonderful antique discarded French map book from 1905.  I think what's so great about these is the wonderful colors.  You really get a great antique feel on these maps.  Plus, you can print them out on fabric, cardstock, kraft paper, etc. to get just the look you want!
You get 2 sheets of 300dpi French maps for only $4.00 to have and print again and again for use in your art projects.  (The sheets you get do not have the watermarks on them) 
Stop by my store and check them out, they are so much fun!  Antique French Maps

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