Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Jar Full of Rusty Stuff

I was at an estate sale a couple months ago and found this huge old pickle jar FULL of old rusty metal stuf... old screws, nails, hooks, casters, etc. It was 2 bucks... how could I pass up something like that? :) Of course my husband saw it and thought I was crazy, but I knew I could come up with something to do with all of it!

So, I sat down and dumped the whole 20lb jar full of rusty goodness out on the table and went to work. I have many more ideas, but this mixed media collage was my first project using this stuff. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to leave your comments :)


  1. Creative and I looove it. It's pretty.

  2. It looks great,I think you did a good job & can't wait to see your other creations.

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  3. That is amazing :) What a clever piece of art, it has a strong message and the balance of old and new.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Regards, T.

  4. I love big mystery jars and bags full of stuff. You never know what kind of joy is in there, and look at the fab piece of art you've made!